The Best Gadget Gifts for Cooks

It can be hard to shop for the chefs in your life. You might not know what they already have, what they like, or how well-equipped their kitchen is. The sheer number of cooking gadgets out there is mind-boggling, but most of them are pretty low-tech (and generally fall into the As Seen on TV category).

You can always get some fine German or Japanese steel, or some thick-walled, copper bottom cookware, but that gets very pricey, very quickly.

Most of these devices let you monitor or control what you’re cooking with your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to sous vide, smoke meat, grill, bake, or mix cocktails, there are clever devices that can make the process easier and ensure better results.

Air frying quickly circulates heated air to cook food with a crispy, almost fried texture with a fraction of the fat used with conventional frying. The Gourmia GTA2800  air fryer shows just how many different ways you can cook using air frying, thanks to precision temperature control and a slew of accessories. You can roast skewers, make rotisserie chicken, air fry fish and vegetables, and even make pizza and cakes with this big countertop cooker.